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0.3-2*1600mm Cut to Length Line
Description: Parameters of coil:1 Materials: stainless steel, cold rolling, galvanized coils, etc2 Properties: δs≤350MPa
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Parameters of coil:
1. Materials: stainless steel, cold rolling, galvanized coils, etc
2. Properties: δs≤350MPa      δb≤600MPa
3. Coil Thickness: 0.3-2mm
4. Coil Width: 1600mm(Max)
5. Coil Inner diameter: Ф508mm
6. Coil Outer diameter: 1800mm(Max)
7. Coil Weight: 25000kg(Max)

Main technical specification:
1. Line speed:0-60m/min
2. Cut to length range:  500-4000mm
3. Cutting speed: 15 pieces/min (count according to L=2000mm )
4. Length tolerance: ±0.5(count according to L=1000mm)
5. Catercorner tolerance: ±0.5(count according to 1000mm length)
6. Leveling tolerance: ±1mm/㎡
7. Total power: About 80KW
8. Total weight: About 50 ton
9. Space required : About 20m×8m×3m(L×W×H)

Machine components:
1. V-type stock platform      
2. Feeding car
3. Hydraulic single-arm uncoiler
4. Coil head drawing, shoveling, straightening device     
5. Double-roll feeding, 19-roll rough leveler         
6. Accumulator                    
7. Guiding machine
8. 9-roll finish leveler
9. Cutting machine
10. Plate throw-down machine 
11. Discharging Device
12. Hydraulic lifting stacker
13. Unloading car
14. Hydraulic system
15. Pneumatic system
16. Electrical control system
Main technical specification:

1.Coils Stocking Platform
Structure: It has steel base and V-type surface. V-type surface which could load coil of 25000kg is made of 65Mn with Nylon plate lays on it.

Main function: V-type base placed on two sides of the car track is divided into two pieces. The center of the base points to the center of the car. When working, coils are lift above the V-type panel, then the car moves below the coil and carries coils to the center of the uncoiler. Nylon plate avoids wearing of the steel surface.

2. Feeding car:
Structure: car, V-type lifting platform; lifting guide pole: Φ100, 4pcs; lifting hydraulic cylinder: Φ200×700, cycloidal pinwheel reducer: BWED142-11×11-3; wheel shaft: Φ80, 2pcs; driving wheels: Φ200, 4pcs; sprocket wheel&chain:1 inch, speed: 24Kg/m

Main Function: The car is used for coil feeding and unloading for the uncoiler. Hydraulic cylinder controls its vertical lifting and drive motor controls its horizontal walking. All these ensures coils been lift from V-type stocking platform, then centered to the uncoiler.

3. Hydraulic single-arm uncoiler:
Structure: stand, sliding base, shaft, expand and contract drum, expand and contract cylinder: Φ160×100, pneumatic brake

Main Function: The machine uncoils the fastened coil. A set of pneumatic braking device is set in the rear which can adjust the expansion according to the coil tension. Expansion of the coil depends on sliding cube driven by the cylinder. Expansion ranges from Φ450mm toΦ510mm. Horizontal pointing is operated by moving cylinder. Power for uncoiling and recoiling is 4kw AC.

4. Coil head drawing, shoveling, leveling device
Structure: coil head drawing frame, drawing rubber roller, drawing motor(BWED131-17×17-1.5), sprocket, chain, lifting cylinder, shoveling pallet, stretching plate, driving cylinder

Main function: This device is used to assistant uncoiling. Driven by motor, drawing rolls draw coil head to shoveling board and then to feeding rolls. Shoveling board can lift vertically and stretch horizontally. When the roll forming machine operates normally, this device secedes from its working position.
Drawing lifting cylinder: Φ80×500mm, 2 pieces,
Shoveling lifting cylinder: Φ80×400mm, 1 piece     
Shoveling board stretching cylinder: Φ63×500mm, 1 piece
Straightening cylinder: Φ80×400mm

5. Double-roll feeding, 19-roll rough leveling device
Structure: Base and stand are steel welded structure. Stress relieved by mechanical vibration with surface sandblasting. Upper and lower rolls are steel  composed of steel-casting structure. The leveler consists of leveling rolls, feeding rolls, transmitting device, distribution box, gear box, universal driving shaft and lifting reduction box, etc.

Main Function: Feeding rolls feed the coil sheet to leveling rolls. Feeding rolls and leveling rolls operate synchronously. Leveling rolls specification: Φ85×1700mm, 9Cr2Mo, quenching hardness: HRC58-60°, surface Chroming, needle bearings on both sides; upper feeding rolls: PU, Φ127×1700mm, leveling roller and tug: both upside and downside are two steps, driving power: 45KW DC, with reduction box, distribution box, universal coupling, driving lifting: worm and gear, max lifting height: 100mm

Structure: concrete floor, double bridge, excessive track, cylinder

Main Structure: accumulator is a 3m×1.8m×3m-chasm made by users for stocking. Excessive tray on two ends to avoid wearing of the coils. Bridge can both tip into the chasm and lift to the center of the machine. Lifting the bridge, leading the coil to precision measuring machine, then lay it into the chasm, lifting by hydraulic cylinder. When operating, rough measuring machine feed the coils into the stocking chasm without stop.

7. Guiding
Structure: frame, guiding rollers, leveling skis, leveling rollers, roller track, pilot wheel
Main Structure: Leveling before the coil enters into the precision measuring machine, avoiding the deviation of the coil.

8. Precision Measuring Device
Structure: basement and stands are welded components, which eliminate stress by mechanical oscillation, with sand blasting surface

Main Function: Coils after rough leveling will be led to grinding measuring device. 9 Grinding measuring rollers, 4 on the top and 5 on the bottom. Couple rollers on each side. Upper rollers: PU rollers,Φ160×1700mm, bottom rollers: chroming 9Cr2Mo, HRC58-60°, Grinding measuring device lift by worm wheel motor, which can lift 100mm. Main power consists of servo motor, reducer and sinchro wheel and sinchro belt, which transmits to each roller.

9. Cutting Device:
Model: mechanical cut
Cutting thickness: 0.3-2mm
Cutting width: 1600mm

10. Running out device
Structure: stands, belt, cycloidal motion reduction box, sprocket
Main Function: stands is welded by square tube, transmitting by belt in order to cater to the transmitting of the coil

11. Running out pneumatic device
Structure: stands, fender panel, roller tray, material reserving cylinder, back board, guiding cylinder
Main Function: Rollers move the plates to collecting shelf. Back board and Photoelectric starting device that can adjust according to the cutting length are set in the rear of the shelf. Plates trigger the back board and reserving cylinder. Reserving cylinder reserves the plates to receiving platform and then leveling cylinder levels the plats. Reserving platform can adjust according to the width and length of the plate. On top of the platform, there is a air float device for producing sheet metal.

12. Hydraulic lifting storage
Structure: Hydraulic lifting table, cylinder, unloading track 
Main Function: Hydraulic lifting station is bracket type, lifting by hydraulic cylinder. It can lift 500mm with unloading tray set on the station.

13. Unload car
Structure: H beam steel welded, wheel axle, traveling  wheel, transmitting motor
Main Function: two unloading car works in turn, steel plate stacks on the car automatically, the car drives the plates to package when they reach a certain amount

14. Hydraulic System
Summary: Hydraulic system of this line consists of related pump, valve and pipeline.etc Hydraulic station provides power for coil car, decoiler, guiding device.etc We adopt well-known domestic hydraulic components and hydraulic pump to ensure the smoothly working of the hydraulic system.
Hydraulic station:
Rated pressure: 10MPa
Rated displacement: 20Ml/r
Cylinder volume: 400L
Motor power: 7.5KW-4
Oil used: N46

15. Pneumatic system
Summary: Pneumatic system consists of air supply, air supply process components, electromagnetic valve, related pipeline and cylinder. We adopt well-known domestic electromagnetic valve.
Technology specification:
Air supply power: 0.8MPa
Air supply requires: 0.9 cbm/min

16. Electric Control System    
Power: 380V three-phase, AC±10%
Total Power: 80KW
Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz
Main electric control cabinet: 1 set, console cabinet: 2 sets
Main electric cabinet control whole circuit, adopting domestic well-known components. Console cabinets places with one front controlling feeding and one rear controlling storing. DC Motor is Euro-therm, which can  work both separately and coordinately. Scale servo motor and PLC imports from Japan. Screen interface can set the speed, length and display the plate amount.  
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