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0.8-3*650mm Slitting Line
Description: 1 Coil material: carbon steel plate and other metal plate 2 Coil thickness: 0 8-3 0mm 3 Coil width: 100=650mm 4 Coil I D :Ф508mm 5 Max Coil O D :Φ2100mm 6 Max Coil weight:10000Kg
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Parameters of Coil:
1. Coil material: carbon steel plate and other metal plate
2. Coil thickness: 0.8-3.0mm
3. Coil width: 100=650mm
4. Coil I.D.:Ф508mm
5. Max. Coil O.D.:Φ2100mm
6. Max. Coil weight:10000Kg

Machine Components:
1. Feeding car
2. Uncoiler and coil head drawing device
3. Coil head feeding and cutting device
4. Guiding device
5. Slitting machine
6. Waste recoiling device
7. Accumulator
8. Distributing device
9. Recoiling device
10. Unload car
11. Hydraulic system
12. Electrical system
Main technical specification:

Feeding car:
1. Structure and type: 4-wheel moving, steel welded
2. Driving power: hydraulic motor BM3-395
3. Lift power: hydraulic cylinder
4. Moving distance:1500m
5. Lift distance: 500mm
6. Max. Load:10000Kg

Uncoiler and coil head drawing device:
1. Type: single-arm hydraulic inner expand, cylinder drives sliding block to expand and contract
2. Feeding rolls specification: Φ460-Φ508mm
3. Expand and contract cylinder specification: Φ150×100mm
4. Braking type: pneumatic pressure brake
5. Applicable coil width: 100-650mm
6. Max. Applicable coil O.D.: 2100mm
7. Max. Applicable coil weight: 10000Kg
8. Head drawing frame structure: 22# U-steel, iron plate welded
9. Press type: hydraulic cylinder drive
10. Cylinder specification: Φ63×250mm
11 .Driving rolls specification: Φ250×400mm, covered with rubber
12. Driving force: 1.5KW cycloidal reducer

Coil head feeding and cutting device:
1. Feeding type: Double rolls nip and feed
2. Feeding rolls: Φ130×750mm
3. Feeding cylinder:Φ63×100mm
4. Head cutting type: hydraulic
5. Cutting specification: 3×650mm
Guiding device:
1. Type: stand rolls guide, double rolls press
2. Stand frame structure: iron plate, U-steel plate welded
3. Guiding rolls : Φ90×125mm with 2 pairs, high frequency quenching
4. Press rolls : Φ80×750mm, chrome plating
5. Guiding power: single-side manual control
6. Guiding range: 100-650mm

Slitting machine:
1. Structure and type: cassette disc shear
2. Slitting shaft: Φ120×750mm (blade placing position)
3. Slitting shaft material: 40Cr forging and tempering, mid frequency quenching, grinding, chrome plating
4. Disc blade: D250×d120×T10m
5. Tolerance and leveling: ± 5μm
6. Disc blade material: H13, quenching hardness HRC58-60°
7. Slitting driving: 37Kw DC with reducer, clutch and universal joint
8. Control system: Euro therm 590 controller
9. Disc blade lift: manual worm and gear box lift
10. Blade replacing type: hydraulic cylinder push the cassette, Φ63×400mm
11. Slitting speed: 0-120m/min adjustable

Waste recoiling:
1. Type: double-side winding
2. Recoiling disc specification: Φ450×350mm
3. Recoiling disc power: 3KW AC motor, friction disc coordinate the speed of slitting and recoiling
4. Cast type: manual push the recoiling disc to contract

1. Type: concrete potting, single-side turnover platform
2. Size: 2m×1m×3m(L×W×H)
3. Turnover platform: square pipe welded with sliding rolls on both sides and plastic plate on surface
4. Turnover platform driving: hydraulic cylinder lift, Φ63×400mm

1. Distribution shaft: Φ70×750mm
2. Distribution plate: Φ200×5mm
3. Plate material: 65Mn, quenching
4. Measuring rolls: Φ160×750mm

Recoiling machine:
1. Type: cassette gear driving, hydraulic cylinder drives the arrow-shape block to tighten the strip head
2. Recoiling shaft: Φ190×750mm (recoiling block position)
3. Recoiling block: Φ508×750m
4. Recoiling block expand and contract dia.: Φ460-Φ508mm
5. Expand and contract power: Φ125×75mm hydraulic cylinder drives the sliding block
6. Recoiling power: 55KW DC motor
7. Motor controller: Euro therm 590 controller
8. Recoiling speed: 0-120m/min adjustable
9. Max. Recoiling weight: 10000Kg

Strip pressing:
1. Strip pressing shaft specification: Φ65×600mm
2. Strip specification: Φ200×5m
3. Strip material: 65Mn quenching
4. Strip pressing shaft power: Φ63×250mm, adjustable
Unload car:

1. Structure and type: 4-wheel moving, steel welded
2. Driving power: hydraulic motor BM3-395
3. Lift power: hydraulic cylinder Φ125×500mm
4. Moving distance: 1500mm
5. Lift distance: 500mm
6. Max. Load: 8000Kg
Hydraulic system:
1. Hydraulic station: 1 piece
2. Control valve: 1 piece
3. Oil pipe: 1 piece

Electrical system:
1. Electrical control cabinet: 1 piece
2. Operating cabinet: 1 piece,
3. Total power: 95KW
4. Total voltage: 380V, 50HZ
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