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1-6*1600mm Slitting Line
Description: Parameters of Coil:1 Coil material: stainless coils2 Coil width: 650-1600mm3 Coil thickness: 1-6mm4 Coil I D :
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Parameters of Coil:
1. Coil material: stainless coils
2. Coil width: 650-1600mm
3. Coil thickness: 1-6mm
4. Coil I.D.: 508mm、Φ610mm、Φ760mm
5. Max. Coil O.D.: Φ2000mm
6. Max. Coil weight: 32000kg
Machine Components:
1. Feeding car
2. Uncoiler
3. Coil head drawing, pressing and shoveling device
4. Double roller feeding, 5-roller leveling
5. Guiding device
6. Slitting machine
7. Waste recoiling device
8. Accumulator
9. Separation, 5-roller leveling
10. Recoiling
11. Pressing
12. Unload car
13. Electrical system
14. Hydraulic system
Main technical specification:

Feeding car:
1. Structure and type: 4 guiding poles, 4-wheel moving, steel welded structure
2. V-shape platform type: Φ180×900mm support rollers with 2 pieces
3. Moving power: hydraulic motor BM3-395
4. Moving speed: 8.5m/min
5. Lifting power: hydraulic cylinder Φ220×700mm
6. Max. Loading: 32000kg

Double-head uncoiler:
1. Uncoiling type: double direction hydraulic inside expansion
2. Expand and contract drum: Φ460-508mm, Φ560-610mm, Φ710-760mm
3. Side disc specification: Φ1600×40mm
4. Moving cylinder: Φ125×900mm
5. Applicable coil I.D.: Φ610、Φ760
6. Max. applicable coil O.D.: Φ2000mm
7. Braking type: hydraulic cylinder
8. Max. Loading: 32000kg
Coil head drawing, pressing and shoveling device:
1. Coil head drawing frame type: steel structure driven by hydraulic cylinder to
2. Coil head drawing cylinder specification: Φ125×600mm with 2 pieces
3. Drawing rollers material and specification: PU rollers, Φ300×500mm, 2 pieces
4. Drawing rollers power: 5.5kw cycloidal motor
5. Coil head pressing type: double poles guiding driven by cylinder
6. Pressing angle rectifying type: driven by hydraulic cylinderΦ80×150mm
7. Pressing cylinder specification: Φ140×400mm 1 piece
8. Coil head shoveling lifting power: driven by hydraulic cylinder Φ140×400mm
9. Coil head stretching power: hydraulic cylinder Φ63×400mm
Double-roller feeding, 5-roller leveling machine:
1. Type: double-roll press, 5-roller leveling
2. Pinch rolls, leveling rolls: Φ200×1700mm
3. Pinch rolls, leveling rolls material: 40Cr quenching HRC55°-56°, Chrome plating
4. Pinch rolls press power: hydraulic cylinderΦ125×100mm
5. Leveling press power: double worm and gear motor 2.2kw
6. Pinching and leveling power: AC 15kw motor with reducer and universal joint
7. Line speed: 12m/min

Guiding device:
1. Guiding range: 600mm-1700mm
2. Guiding rolls: 2 pairs
3. Guiding rolls specification: Φ200×150mm
4. Guiding rolls material: ball bearing steel over quenching HRC55°-56°
5. Double rolls specification: Φ200×1700mm Chrome plating
6. Double rolls material: 40 Cr over quenching HRC55°-56°
7. Guiding type: manual operate the screw pole

Slitting machine:
1. Structure: Cassette type disc slitting, move cassette backward to quick change the blade
2. Cutting speed: 1-2mm/15 pieces; 3-4mm/10 pieces; 5-6mm/6 pieces
3. Blade shaft: Φ260×1750mm
4. Blade shaft material: 40Cr over quenching HRC48°-50°
5. Disc blade: D380×d260×T15mm
6. Disc blade material: H13, hardness HRC58°-60°
7. Cutting power: DC 160kw with reducer and distribution box
8. Control system: Euro therm 590 controller
9. Cutting speed: 0-60m/min
10. Pressing type: 2.2kw motor, worm and gear driving, joint pole lifting simultaneously

Waste recoiling:
1. Type: motor with reducer recoiling on both side
2. Recoiling disc specification: Φ900mm×500mm
3. Recoiling speed: 0-60m/min
4. Recoiling cylinder specification: Φ100×300mm
1. Size: 4.2m×2m×3m(L×W×H)
2. Lifting type: bridge two sides turn over
3. Cylinder : Φ80×750mm 2 pieces

Separating and 5-roll leveling:
1. Type: separation, 5-rollers tighten
2. Separation shaft specification: Φ95×1750mm
3. Leveling rollers specification: Φ200×1750mm
4. Leveling rollers material: 40Cr over quenching HRC52°~55°
5. Leveling rollers press power: driven by hydraulic cylinder Φ100×100mm

Recoiling device:
1. Structure and type: Cassette basement, helical gear driving to reduce the speed, hydraulic cylinder drives the sliding block to expand and contract
2. Recoiling: Φ610×1750mm(max)
3. Separation pressing shaft: Φ95×1750mm
4. Separation disc: Φ250×Φ95×5mm; material: 65Mn
5. Support arm cylinder: Φ80×350mm
6. Pushing cylinder: Φ100×1750mm
7. Recoiling speed: 0-60m/min
8. Recoiling power: DC 200kw
9. Controller: Euro therm 590 controller
10. Max. Recoiling weight: 32000Kg

Unload car:
1. Structure and type: 4 guiding poles, 4-wheel moving, steel structure
2. Moving power: hydraulic motor BM3-395
3. Moving speed: 8.5m/min
4. Lifting power: driven hydraulic cylinder Φ220×700mm
5. Max. Load: 32000kg

Hydraulic control:
1. Hydraulic station 2 pieces
2. Driving power: 11kw-4
3. Rated pressure: 16Mpa
4. Rated displacement: 32mL/r
5. Oil cylinder volume: 450L
6. Hydraulic fluid required: N46
Electrical control:

1. Controller: PLC gang control
2. Operating cabinet: main cabinet 1 set,
3. assistant cabinet 1 set,
4. operating switches are all domestic well-known brand
5. Current and voltage: 50Hz、380V
6. Total power: 400kw
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