Believe Industry
Shanghai Believe Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer specializing in the designing and exporting of various roll forming machines and slitting cutting machines in local industry field. We have an energetic team experienced in designing & manufacturing, import & export trading, installation and after-sale service. Our factory is located in high-tech industrial development zone of Wuxi City, next to Shanghai, the most prosperous city in China. We take advantage of convenient transportation and good environment to offer the first-class service to our clients. All our machines are custom-made exactly, and our machines enjoys high popularity in domestic and foreign market, particularly in Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, America, Australia, etc.

Roll Forming Machines
Roofing Series:
1. Metal roof wall panel roll forming machine

2. Roof ridge cap roll forming machine
3. IBR sheet roll forming machine
4. Corrugated sheet roll forming machine
5. Trapezoidal sheet roll forming machine
6. Steel roof tile roll forming machine
7. Steel floor deck roll forming machine
8. Double layer roofing roll forming machine

Steel Structures:
1. C/Z/U/L purlin roll forming machine
2. Drywall stud and track roll forming machine

3. Furring channel roll forming machine
4. Sigma post roll forming machine
5. Light steel frame roll forming machine

Steel Door And Window Series:

1. Door frame roll forming machine,
2. Garage door guide track roll forming machine
3. Roller shutter roll forming machine
4. Curtain rail roll forming machine

Downpipe And Gutter Series:
1. Downpipe roll forming machine
2. Rain Gutter roll forming machine
3. Portable downpipe and gutter machine

Storage Rack And Shelf Series:
1. Upright rack roll forming machine
2. Shelf panel roll forming machine
3. Box beam roll forming machine

Other Roll Forming Machines:

1. Highway guardrail roll forming machine
2. Cable tray roll forming machine
3. Customized profile roll forming machine, etc

Slitting Line
1. Light gauge slitting line
2. Medium gauge slitting line
3. Heavy gauge slitting line
Cut-to-length line
1. Light gauge cut-to-length line
2. Medium gauge cut-to-length line
3. Heavy gauge cut-to-length line
Punch Press
1. C frame single crank punch press
2. C frame double crank punch press
3. H frame single punch press
4. H frame double punch press
Pipe Welding Line/Tube Mill
1. BELI-16 High frequency straight seam pipe welding line
2. BELI-25 High frequency straight seam pipe welding line
3. BELI-28 High frequency straight seam pipe welding line
4. BELI-32 High frequency straight seam pipe welding line
5. BELI-50 High frequency straight seam pipe welding line
6. BELI-60 High frequency straight seam pipe welding line
7. BELI-127 High frequency straight seam pipe welding line
8. BELI-165 High frequency straight seam pipe welding line

We are engaged in the steel structure industry in many years and devoted to developing machines with a professional technology and reasonable price, we supply the best machines for our new and old customers. And we provide professional service, high quality, through design and installation.

Warmly welcome to visit our factory no matter you are distributors or end-users, and we are looking forward to cooperating with you for mutual benefits.
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